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UMassFive Donates $5,000 to Local Organizations on Behalf of Members

July 21, 2020 - News

During the months of May and June, UMassFive College Federal Credit Union launched an initiative to lend a helping hand to organizations and members of our community most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Using social media to help get the word out, the Credit Union’s “Share Your Story” charity drive encouraged their membership to share a few words about their experiences during this time, and in exchange, UMassFive would make a $25 donation to the local charity of their choosing, with a total fundraising goal of $5,000 in donations.

The organizations selected to participate were the Amherst Survival Center, Dakin Humane Society, Food Bank of Western Massachusetts, Northampton Survival Center, and Worcester County Food Bank. All of these organizations continue to perform essential work during COVID-19 in the communities that UMassFive serves.

“As an essential business throughout the pandemic, I think we’ve had a heightened focus on lending a helping hand,” said Craig Boivin, Vice President of Marketing at UMassFive. “We’d been hearing some great stories about our staff really going above and beyond to help our members, so we created this ‘Share Your Story’ campaign both as a way to understand what experiences our members most value, and also, to allow them to join us in giving back to some crucial community organizations.

Through this campaign, UMassFive members selected the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts to receive a donation of $1,300, and $1,000 for Dakin Humane Society. With a three-way tie for designated donations to the Amherst Survival Center, Northampton Survival Center, and Worcester County Food Bank, UMassFive split the remaining amount evenly—donating $900 to each to meet their goal of $5,000 total in charitable giving.

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