Official Credit Union of UMass Athletics

Official Credit Union of UMass Athletics


Help Celebrate Credit Union Youth Month

by Craig Boivin.

What kind of saver is your child? One who saves happily, or with a scowl?

Every saver is unique, but most people who save regularly developed the habit early in life. Learning to delay gratification in order to save for long-term goals is a crucial life skill, and one UMassFive is committed to helping our youngest members develop.

That's why we at UMassFive support Credit Union Youth Month, and have established our Super Savers program, which teaches kids the fundamentals of routinely saving money, having savings goals, and trying to avoid what we call the “money gobbler”.

By helping your child give a hoot about saving now, you’ll help them soar when they’re older. Visit our Super Savers page to learn more.

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