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After several years of planning, and support from our members and the local community, UMassFive is proud to announce the introduction of our Business Services division. Through this initiative, the we are able to support our local community and economy with competitive rates and terms on short and long term commercial business loans for working capital, equipment, commercial real estate, and special projects designed to bring greater efficiencies and cost savings to member businesses.

Being a local financial institution, we have a special understanding of the challenges our area businesses face. As you experience growing pains, or just need a little help with cash flow or capital to purchase new equipment – turn to UMassFive. Your trusted partner for personal banking now offers the same quality service with special expertise to commercial businesses. We’re here for you to help your business grow through every stage of its life.

Commercial Lending

Commercial Real Estate Loan

A commercial real estate loan from UMassFive can help any business acquire, refinance, renovate, or add on to any owner-occupied or income-producing real estate property.

This Includes: Multi-Family Residential Properties, Solar Farms, Condominiums, Warehouse Space, Medical Buildings, Retail Centers, Manufacturing Facilities, Distribution Centers, Surgical Centers, and Emergency Care Facilities.

Flexible Terms and Conditions:

  • Amount: Up to 80% loan to value.
  • Term: Up to 15 years.
  • Amortization: Up to 30 years (360 months).
  • Rate: Transparent and market based.

Commercial Equipment Loan

A commercial equipment or vehicle loan from UMassFive can help any service, wholesale, or manufacturing business acquire or refinance the fixed assets and technology it needs to increase its productive capacity and efficiencies.

This Includes: Solar Energy, Medical, Construction, Transportation, Manufacturing, Machining, Assembly, Processing, and Robotics.

Flexible Terms and Conditions

  • Amount up to 75% loan to value*
  • Term: Up to 10 years.*
  • Amortization: Up to 10 years (120 months).*
  • Rate: Transparent and market based.

*Flexible based on the productive life of the equipment/technology.

Who to Talk to:

Our Commercial Lending management team is made up of business owners just like you, so we understand the unique challenges you face and the importance of having access to the cash that keeps your commercial business going and growing. Get the financial solutions you need with help from UMassFive.

Contact Us

Jeffrey Simpson, CFA


About Jeff


Our team is led by Jeffrey Simpson, a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), with extensive experience as a business owner. So when you need guidance with important strategic decisions, or just need quick and easy loans to keep your cash flow flowing, we’re here for you.

Jeff has spent over 25 years as a commercial banker and financial consultant to privately held companies. He also possesses entrepreneurial experience, including being the principle owner - and having held the title of Chief Financial Officer - for an environmental services company, as well as founding two other local businesses. Jeff graduated from Amherst College in 1984, earned an MBA degree from the Isenberg School of Business at UMass Amherst, and earned his CFA designation from the CFA Institute. Jeff lives in South Hadley, MA with his wife and two daughters.

What's Up Next?

In the coming year, we will also be offering Business Checking, Savings, and Money Market options, as well as a Business Credit Card. Be sure to check back for more information on these offerings!