Official Credit Union of UMass Athletics

Official Credit Union of UMass Athletics

Super Savers

Super Savers Club

Kids are the future, and UMassFive wants to help them become the “Super Savers” they are meant to be! By working with the whole family, we aim to make the subject of money management easier and fun for everyone. The financial lessons we instill now may inform your children throughout their lives.

UMassFive’s Super Saver program encourages kids – approximately ages 5-8 - to routinely save money, have savings goals, and try to avoid what we call the “money gobbler”. To become a “Super Saver,” each child will use their Super Saver passbook to guide them through the stages of savings; from Rookie, to Savings Sidekick, to Super-Saver-in-Training. Along the way there will be fun stickers marking deposits to savings accounts, cool stamps marking completion of a level, and “super” prizes.

Come on in to the Hadley or Northampton branch to sign up your kids* and start the Super Saver adventure!

*Parents: please note you must bring in your child's Social Security Card and birth certificate to start a membership at UMassFive before he/she can become a Super Saver.