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Socially Responsible Investing

Don't just invest for a return. Invest for a better world, too.

For many people, sensible investing means choosing companies that not only are likely to perform well, but also act in a responsible manner. In addition to helping the environment and the community, investing in socially responsible companies can also make good business sense. But identifying good socially responsible investment opportunities takes extra work on the part of the investor. Our CFS Financial Advisors will help you wade through the complexities of identifying socially responsible investment opportunities and help you build a plan that meets your social and financial objectives.

Social responsibility can be defined in many ways. Usually, a socially responsible company has a positive track record in one or more of the following categories:

• Environment
• Workplace
• Product safety and impact
• International operations and human rights
• Community relations
• Indigenous people's rights

In addition, they all have the common characteristic of good corporate governance, which includes ethical business practices and company policies. They align the interest of management, customers, stockholders, and society so that every stakeholder can benefit from their performance in the marketplace. They often have good employee relations, a diverse and independent board, and a reasonable and rational executive compensation plan. Good corporate governance sets the culture for being socially responsible.

If you want to find out more about how socially responsible investing can play a role in your financial plan, make an appointment today and we will help you select the fund that fits not only your values but also your investment strategy.

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