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Financial Literacy Videos

May 25, 2020 - News

Financial Literacy Videos On-Demand

Here at UMassFive, ensuring that our members are all educated consumers, and confident in making financial decisions is important to us. That’s why we offer complimentary workshops and seminars every month, totally free of charge.

With the introduction of social distancing, it became clear that we needed to revisit how we could make this knowledge available to our members. While some of our seminars have moved to a webinar format, we decided that other topics might be of most benefit to our members on-demand. As such, we are excited to begin making our own Financial Literacy videos.

Recorded by the same instructors who would lead you through in-person workshops, these videos are condensed versions that don’t require your attendance during a specific block of time so you can watch whenever is convenient for your schedule.

Our first release is a very timely video for Personal Financial Tips within the specific lens of COVID-19, and the impact it is having on millions of Americans. Scroll down to watch the video within this post, or click here to view it on youtube.