Official Credit Union of UMass Athletics

Official Credit Union of UMass Athletics

Bicycle Loans

Bicycle Loans

Get fit. Get mobile. Get the bicycle of your dreams without breaking the bank. UMassFive supports alternative modes of transportation as part of our Energy & Fuel Conservation loan program, including bikes at the low rate of 3.90% Annual Percentage Rate (APR).

Get around the green way and save some green.

The best way to save fuel is to use transportation that does not require it.

Stay in shape

Using a bike allows you to get fit while getting around all at the same time.

Build your credit history

With monthly payments and a short term, you’ll have your bike now, and build your credit history at the same time.

Sample Bike Loan

• Loan balance: $400.00
• Number of payments: 8
• Annual Percentage Rate (APR): 3.90% 
• Monthly payment: $50
• Total interest paid over entire loan: $5.90

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