Official Credit Union of UMass Athletics

Official Credit Union of UMass Athletics

EMV Chip Technology

As always, your security is our top priority.

We are now issuing EMV chip cards for UMassFive VISA Credit Cards.

Increased Security

An embedded chip on the front of the UMassFive VISA Credit Card enhances the security of your card transactions when used at a chip-enabled terminal by encrypting your card information into a unique code that makes fraud more difficult, so you can have peace of mind when you shop.

Easy To Use

If the merchant has a chip-enabled terminal, simply insert your UMassFive VISA Credit Card, follow the screen prompts, sign, and remove your card. If the merchant does not have a chip-enabled terminal, use your Credit Card the way you always have. It still has a magnetic strip on the back. When shopping online or by phone, nothing changes. Simply provide your Credit Card number as you usually do.


Um5 New Design Credit Card Emv 2015

The new UMassFive EMV VISA Credit Card will be sent out as part of our regular reissue of Credit Cards that are expiring. When your Credit Card expires, the new card you receive will have the EMV chip. The new card will have a new look as well, due to this upgrade.

Members who travel on a regular basis: You will have your card reissued sooner than your expiration date. We expect this process to be completed in early 2016.

The EMV card is only for UMassFive VISA Credit Cards at this time. Later in 2016, we will be reissuing UMassFive VISA Debit Cards with the EMV chip.

Visit our Member Services Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about EMV chip cards.

For questions or assistance, contact a friendly UMassFive representative today.