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There are many types of insurance available at UMassFive:

1) Annually, all members between the ages of 18 through 69 are offered $1,000 of Accidental Death and Dismemberment protection at no cost through CUNA Mutual. Additional coverage may also be purchased.

2) Most consumer loan borrowers are eligible to purchase life and disability coverage for their loan payments at the time of application.

3) UMassFive offers GAP coverage for auto loans, which protects the borrower if their vehicle is deemed a total loss by their auto insurance company (totaled or stolen). GAP insurance pays the difference between the auto loan balance and the insurance settlement, plus an additional $1,000 towards the purchase of your next vehicle if financed through UMassFive within the next 90 days.

4) Extended warranties are available for purchase through UMassFive for any vehicle, regardless of whether there is an auto loan outstanding.

For information about life and long-term care insurance, visit our Retirement Planning & Investments page.

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