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UMassFive offers an array of loans with various repayment terms to meet your unique needs, from financing a car to installing a home solar array, and much more.

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At UMassFive, it's easy being green.
Whether you're shopping for a motorcycle, refinancing a car you already own, or need a little security while hitting the road in your RV, we've got your automobile needs covered.
From mortgages, to improvement projects, we've got your Home lending needs covered.
Whether you're an undergrad just beginning your journey, heading back for your master's, or relocating to kickstart your career with a Medical Residency, we have private loan options to assist you along the way.
We offer a variety of personal and specialty loans to meet all of our members' needs.
Don't forget, you can use Co-op Points to reduce your loan rate on many loans!
Without exaggeration, obtaining a UMassFive MySolar loan was the simplest, most convenient loan process I have ever experienced - I didn't even leave my living room.

- Nick N.