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Earn Co-op Points Automatically!**

• 1 Point for every $1 of dividends you earn on Term Deposit AccountsBase Savings AccountsGoal Savings Accounts or Checking Accounts
• 1 Point for every $1 of interest you pay on most UMassFive loans
• 1 Point for every $10 you spend using your

Co-op Points may be redeemed to raise the rate on a term share certificate, lower the rate on most consumer loans, or waive a number of fees.

No. Co-op Points is a reward system that we provide each member as a way of thanking them for doing business with us. You can use them to lower loan rate, raise term share certificate rates, and waive several fees.

Co-op Points are earned for every dollar of interest you earn on your accounts and every dollar of interest you pay towards most consumer loans. You also earn points for every $10 you spend using your debit card for purchases, by signing up for products and services offered by the Credit Union and

Yes, any UMassFive representative would be happy to help you share your Co-op Points with another member.

You can always see how many Co-op Points you have earned by checking your monthly electronic or paper statement. You can also contact the Credit Union and we would be happy to provide you with the total.

Co-op Points are awarded to each member for doing business with us. That includes opening products and services, paying interest on loans, receiving interest on deposits, and using their debit cards. Other activities like referring new members to the Credit Union or attending workshops and seminars