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Co-op Advantage Checking


Discover the Advantage

With a high-yield interest rate and ATM fee refunds across the country, find out firsthand what makes our Co-op Advantage Checking Accounts so good.


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High-earning Interest Rate

Every month that you qualify, you'll earn 1.95% APY on your Co-op Advantage Checking Account.

Accounts that don't meet the monthly requirements will still earn our basic interest rate, and as soon as you meet the requirements again, you'll automatically receive our rewards rate again.


Nationwide ATM fee refunds up to $25 per calendar month

We will never charge you for an ATM withdrawal, but other financial institutions might.

Make withdrawals with the peace of mind that you will get the money back at the end of the month, on us.

Qualifying is Simple.

There's no minimum balance, so whether you have $5 or $500, you will get the same great benefits from this checking account, every day.

All you need to do is meet these three requirements per month:

  • Make 12 Debit Card purchases
  • Receive 1 Direct Deposit or ACH Auto Debit
  • Receive eStatements

Worried about not meeting the requirements?

It's no big deal. Any month that you don't qualify, all that will happen is your account will earn our basic interest rate, ATM fees will not be refunded, and you can try again next month. We'll even send you an email every month so you can keep track of how you're doing.


We've got local perks, too.

Did you know our Co-op Advantage Checking earns 1.95% APY and features Buzz Points enrollment?

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Why settle for just earning our best interest rate, when you could earn points that turn into discounts at trusted local merchants at the same time?

Buzz Points is free, and all of our checking accounts come with it. All you have to do is activate your debit card.


Learn more about Buzz Points

Co-op Advantage Checking Rates

Product Minimum Balance Dividend Rate Annual Percentage Yield
Co-op Advantage Checking For qualifying accounts with balances up to $15,000 1.93% 1.95%
Co-op Advantage Checking For qualifying accounts with balances over $15,000 0.25% 0.25%
Co-op Advantage Checking If qualifications are not met 0.10% 0.10%

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