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Energy & Fuel Conservation Loans


Going green? We’ll finance virtually any energy-saving purchase or improvement you make to your home


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Efficiency, financed.


From updating your appliances to use less energy, to insulating your home to keep the energy you're producing in. We want to help you make sustainable decisions. 


    The Energy & Fuel Conservation Loan can be used for:

    • Home heating expenses such as oil bills (including pre-paid plans), propane/natural gas, wood/wood pellets, coal, etc.
    • Pre-paid gas cards, bus cards, and other public transportations passes.
    • ENERGY STAR rated appliances (including furnaces).
    • Energy-saving home improvements (insulation, weather-stripping, hot water heaters, windows, etc.).
    Purpose Annual Percentage Rate Limit Maximum Term
    Home Heating 3.90% $3,000 12 Months
    Other Improvements 3.90% $3,000 24 Months

    For disclosures and additional details, visit here.